ICT skills gap presents new opportunities for social inclusion

Six European countries are currently facing a shortage of 477,000 ICT specialists according to a new report from JP Morgan's 'New Skills at Work' initiative. The skills shortage could rise to 1.26 million by 2020. 

This shortage is a clear challenge, but it is also an opportunity to make it easier for under-represented groups to join the workforce. 

The report was published as part of the 'diversITy' project within the 'New Skills at Work' initiative. The project aims to identify ICT programmes that are effective at including diverse target groups who are at risk of exclusion from the labour market. 

CEPIS co-hosted the flagship event of the project with JP Morgan and All Digital in February 2019. Stakeholders met in Brussels to discuss and share their perspectives. 

More information about the project and its results can be found on eskills4diversity.com