IT professionals lack support for developing their skills, new survey shows

Each year, IT training company, Global Knowledge surveys thousands of IT professionals on topics such as salary, skill development, certifications and job satisfaction, which is then used to build their annual ‘IT Skills and Salary Report’. While initial results from the developing 2019 edition indicate that benefits of skill-building are ‘impossible to ignore’, it is also shown that many managers are not willing, or able, to provide their employees with enough support for them to complete upskilling programmes. 

Several of the surveyed professionals mention that workload increases may take away training opportunities, while other respondents said that they are generally required to take their training outside of office hours. The report concludes that while IT professionals are overworked, and feel underappreciated, they are also expected to train during personal time, which sends a wrong, and counterproductive message from the IT decision-makers’ side. 

The report also finds that, ultimately, IT professionals will seek training, with or without manager approval, presenting a new challenge to the leadership in maintaining their talent pool. 

The full 2019-survey report is to be released later this year, while the full overview of initial results can already be found on Global Knowledge’s website