BCS is driving digital apprenticeships to upskill the workforce

The UK government is running an ambitious Trailblazer apprenticeships programme since October 2013 and BCS has been actively involved from the start. Trailblazers put employers in the driving seat to design and develop new apprenticeship standards. Two years ago, BCS was also approved as an end-point assessment organisation, ensuring that on completion of their training, digital apprentices’ competence is robustly assessed. With nearly 2,000 apprentices having taken their assessment with BCS, and another 12,000 registered, the positive impact of digital apprenticeships is already being experienced by many employers. Across the board, there is evidence of how apprenticeships are of significant benefit:

  • 71% of apprentices agreed that their chances of earning a higher wage in the future had increased, and 80% agreed that their chances of going on to higher levels of training had also improved.
  • Of those who completed an apprenticeship, 90% secured a job or went on to further learning, with 88% in sustained employment.
  • Employers also report benefits with 78% stating improved productivity, improved product or service. 74% said apprentices brought new ideas to their organisation. 83% would also recommend apprentices to other business.