AICA builds a ‘Women in ICT’ network in Italy

The need to increase the number of women working in ICT professions is becoming more and more pressing.That is why CEPIS established the Women in ICT taskforce in 2012.

AICA, which has been directly involved in the CEPIS taskforce since its foundation, has established its own workgroup, named Women in ICT AICA, aiming to work on a national level in Italy by cooperating with other Italian organisations promoting the female presence in STEAM. AICA intends to use its own official channels to spread information about the activities and initiatives organized in Italy, and act as a network hub to support and connect the various initiatives.

Women in ICT AICAalso cooperates with other organisations by supporting specific initiatives within AICA’s own institutional events.

More information about the workgroup Women in ICT AICA can be found here.