CEPIS Council approve DiversIT Charter

On 11 May 2019, the 62nd CEPIS Council meeting approved the DiversIT Charter. The Charter, developed by the CEPIS Women in ICT Task Force, is a roadmap of activities that organisations can take to grow the number of women in IT professions. 15 CEPIS member societies signed the Call to Action at the Council meeting, committing to become thought leaders in the drive for a more equal workforce in IT and to promote the importance of women IT professionals in their countries.

The CEPIS DiversIT Charter defines three progressive levels of attainmentbronze, silver and golddepending on an organisation’s existing and planned activities. Each level focuses on monitoring the current situation, growing the number of female role models, communicating the message to teachers, girls, parents and industry leaders, as well as setting concrete goals and ensuring that they are attained. The initial aim is for all CEPIS member societies to become accredited by the Charter, and eventually to encourage them to become assessors in their own countries, thus becoming a leading force in attracting and retaining women in IT professions.

All member societies are therefore called to express their support for the Charter by signing the Call for Action. Please contact the CEPIS Secretariat to denote your interest and initiate accreditation.