European Commission publishes new report on labour market impact of AI

The European Commission has released ‘AI: The Future of Work? Work of the Future!’ – a report discussing how AI, robotics and automation affect the economy in Europe.The report explores what businesses and governments should do to manage the coming transition successfully and comments on which jobs may be made redundant and which new ones are being created – including the ‘Data Scientist’ and the ‘Ethics Officer’, who monitors an organisation’s procedures and ensures consistencwith the code of ethics. 

The report ends with a list of recommendations in the areas of:

  • education and talent management, 
  • building AI capacity in Europe, 
  • work organisation, 
  • support for entrepreneurship and SMEs, 
  • improving societal understanding of the digital and AI transformations, 
  • issuing a mission statement for AI development in Europe, 
  • & ensuring appropriate funding for managing transitions.

The full report can be found on the Commission’s website.