CEPIS showcases ITPE and DiversIT Charter in Commission’s workshop on brain flow in Europe

On 4 June the European Commission organised a peer-learning workshop on managing brain flow inside the EU, focusing on medium and high-skilled people. The event presented a study on the movement of skilled labour in the EU. CEPIS was invited to speak at the event, since one of the report’s chapters analysed skilled labour movement in the ICT sector.

CEPIS emphasised the need for a common language in ICT competences to facilitate ICT professionals’ movement between EU countries and emphasised that the European e-Competence framework is an ideal tool for this. We also presented the DiversIT Charter, developed by the CEPIS Women in ICT Task Force, as the Commission study also underlined the importance of diversifying the ICT workforce. The study calls for reversing gender patterns in intra-EU ICT migration, in conjunction with overall ICT sector initiatives to improve gender balance.

The study can be found here.