SHERPA project update

  • SHERPA calls for participation in European standardisation of health and wellness apps. Interested parties are invited to submit source documents and contribute to the development of the Technical Specification by contacting Marlou Bijlsma at
  • F-Secure published a blog on Discovering Hidden Twitter Amplification, which presents an investigation of tampering with the Twitter recommendation algorithms for political disinformation.
  • SHERPA consortium members attended the “Algorithmic Accountability and Human Rights” panel discussion in London, which was organised by the Human Rights, Big Data and Technology Project.
  • Professor Laurence Brooks (De Montfort University) presented the SHERPA project during a Meet the Expert session at the European Business Summit in Brussels.
  • The SHERPA General Assembly meeting was held on 14 May 2019. SHERPA proposed 5 options of action, and the stakeholder board members added additional options. One of the outcomes was a consensus that regulatory options and public education are the two most important fields that need further attention.

To learn more about the Sherpa project, you may refer to the case studies and future scenarios that are now online on the project website.