Nesta releases report on gender diversity in AI research

Nesta, a UK-based innovation agency, has published a study on gender diversity in the workforce of Artificial Intelligence (AI) research. It examines both the figures (finding, for example, that only 14% of authors on AI-related scientific papers are women), and content. The study found that papers with at least one female co-author tend to be more applied and socially aware, featuring terms such as fairness, human mobility, mental health, gender and personality, thus lending a deeper aspect to the research in question. The study also finds that women are at least as capable as men in contributing to technical topics and contribute more than men to publications with a societal or ethical output.

Nesta concludes that lack of gender diversity is deeply connected to problems in the educational system, workplace practices and persistent gender stereotypes, and exhorts all to join them in engaging with policy-makers to improve the situation.

This article also features excerpts from interviews with leading female AI researchers.