CCS organises two prominent robotics events in September

The Cyprus Computer Society (CCS) is the leading organisation in Cyprus for the promotion and development of educational robotics in the country. In September 2019 the CCS successfully organised two major events on robotics. The first was the Robotex Cyprus 19 Awards Ceremony, organised on September 23 for the 150 winners of the Robotex competition that took place on the last weekend of June at the University of Cyprus.

The robotics festival, held under the auspices of H.E. the President of the Republic of Cyprus, was a great success with 1,025 competitors and 5,000 visitors and attracted huge media coverage. The second event was the World Robot Olympiad which took place on September 28 at the European University of Cyprus. Elementary, junior and senior high school students participated in the competition creating and programming their robots without any communication or guidance from their coaches.

The national winners of the events will represent Cyprus in the respective international competitions that will both be held in November.