Pre-register for the e-CF User Networking Conference on 14 November in Rome

In the context of the current work activity on the e-Competence Framework User Support guidelines, the ‘e-CF User Networking Conference’ will be taking place on 14 November in Rome. The objective of the event is to share the experience of a broad range of e-CF applications from varying perspectives, including IT organisation / IT strategy, HR planning and development, learning programme & curricula development / Higher Education (HE), VET and private environment and policy and/ or sector association context.

Additionally, delegates will have the opportunity to become familiar with related EU policy and to network with colleagues from the TC428 or ITPE environments. For a full agenda, please contact the CEPIS secretariat or Jutta Breyer (

Pre-register here

Please note that participation in the conference is free of charge. However, the number of participants will be limited. Please wait for final attendance confirmation from the conference organiser prior to making any travel arrangements.