CEPIS Announces New Secretary General

ATThe Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS) is pleased to announce Ms. Austeja Trinkunaite as the new CEPIS Secretary General. The Board of CEPIS agreed unanimously to appoint Ms. Austeja Trinkunaite in to the position.

Ms. Austeja Trinkunaite has worked for ECDL Foundation in Brussels for the past three years. As European Policy and Communications Manager, she has developed and maintained contacts with key policy stakeholders of the EU institutions and with other organisations working in the field of digital policy. She has been responsible for the development of ECDL Foundation policy positions and policy advice.

In the role of Secretary General, Austeja will lead the CEPIS Secretariat under the guidance and supervision of the CEPIS President and the CEPIS Board. She will be responsible for the implementation of CEPIS mission and strategy. A key priority will be to increase the visibility of CEPIS and to develop and maintain strong relationships with the European Commission and other stakeholders in Brussels who are active in the policy areas of interest to CEPIS and its Members. In addition, Ms. Austeja Trinkunaite will endeavour to enhance CEPIS Member Engagement, particularly focused on the exchange of Best Practice among Members, and to increase the value of Member-to-Member relationships.

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