10-12-2012Visit the Museum of Computer History in Szeged, Hungary!
14-11-2012German Informatics Calls for Open Government
17-10-2012German CEPIS Member VDE Publishes New Position Papers
12-10-2012Digital Agenda for Europe Going Local Forum – Riga, Latvia
11-10-2012News from the Spanish Member Society - ATI
10-10-2012FedCSIS 2012 - Conference Report
09-10-20126th Novática Award Granted to Green ICT Research Paper
19-09-2012International Olympiad in Informatics Co-Organised by AICA
18-09-2012German Informatics Organises Computer Science Competition for Young People
17-09-2012CEPIS at CONFENIS 2012
06-08-2012Central European Olympiad in Informatics Hosted by NJSzT
05-07-2012German Informatics Committed to Increase Energy Efficiency
04-07-2012CONFENIS 2012 - Registration Now Open!
08-06-2012CISTI 2012 Programme Now Available! Reduced Registration Fee for CEPIS Members
07-06-2012Dynamic e-Skills Week Activities in Spain
11-05-2012Save the Date! Gartner Briefing on Optimizing Costs in Cyprus - 24 May 2012
05-03-2012CEPIS Visits German Informatics (GI)
04-03-2012Digital Trends 2011 – Findings Now Published in English
05-02-2012Digital Trends 2011 – Check Out the Latest Videos from the Conference
27-01-2012Update from CEPIS Professionalism Task Force
26-01-2012Spanish CEPIS Member Supports Women in IT Debate during International Digital Contents Fair
20-12-2011Finnish CEPIS Member Society Publishes Report Measuring Importance of IT in Finland
19-12-2011International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems to Take Place in 2012
14-11-2011Diskobolos Awards 2011 Competition Now Open
11-11-2011Major Computer Science Trends Conference in January 2012 – Czech Republic
09-11-20112011 Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems
09-11-2011Help Spread the Word – IT is Cool!
11-10-2011HePIS to Host Digital Trends 2011 Conference
07-10-2011HePIS to Host Digital Trends 2011 Conference
27-09-2011Cyprus Infosec 2011: The Cloud and Beyond
08-08-2011FedCSIS 2011 Coming Soon!
12-07-2011German Informatics (GI) Launches Social Media Strategy
11-07-2011AICA Celebrates 50 Years & Researches Costs of Digital Ignorance in Italy
10-07-2011ATI Grants 5th Novática Award to Best Article of 2010
08-06-2011German CEPIS Member GI Launches New Magazine and Innovation Prize'
12-04-2011CEE-SET 2011 - Software Engineering Techniques Conference organised by NJSzT
11-04-2011FedCSIS 2011: Multi-conference on Computer Science & Information Systems
07-03-2011Mladen Glasenhardt (23/05/1942 – 25/02/2011)
06-03-2011CEPIS Professional e-Competence Project: 1,500 IT Professionals
05-03-2011SSI Invites you to the International Symposium on Operations Research
04-03-2011News from the Irish Computer Society
03-03-2011News from the Spanish Member Society - ATI
17-02-2011BWINF: A Synergetic GI Initiative to Attract Young People to Informatics
16-02-2011Dansk IT Invites You to "GOTO Copenhagen"
14-02-2011GI Presents Privacy and Security Risks of Cloud Computing