The Privacy of Europeans Is At Risk

The Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS) calls for the EU to instigate a revision of major service providers’ privacy policies to guarantee the ePrivacy of European consumers and companies, and issues a series of recommendations for the European Commission and national governments to achieve this.

European consumers and companies are constantly offered new services and applications, or updated operating systems. They have become critically dependent on these technologies. To obtain these services users have no option but to accept the service providers’ often stringent terms and conditions, according to an ‘all-or-nothing’ approach. CEPIS is concerned that by doing so, users weaken the control they have over their own data. It is unclear whether these terms and conditions are always lawful and proportional.

CEPIS strongly defends the principle according to which ICT technologies should guarantee the privacy of potential users prior to their introduction. Effective privacy enforcement should be guaranteed by demanding privacy by design and fostered by mechanisms that prevent the unnecessary collection of data. CEPIS therefore urges all parties and stakeholders to work together and take action to protect the privacy of European users and companies. Doing so will help generate the trust that is needed to reap the benefits that digital innovation can provide to the European economy and society at large.

The complete statement is available on the CEPIS website.

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